Patrick McKay,  Director of Journey WV for Young Men

Patrick joined Q&A Associates in the summer of 2022 to establish the drumming program for all residences under the Q&A umbrella. In 2023 he became the director of Journey WV.  Patrick has been playing drums for 45 years and has performed in many different musical situations and styles, including competition-level Pipe Band Highland drumming. He has performed with multiple artists in his hometown of Washington D.C. and for the past 28 years has played with multiple bands and artists in the North Central West Virginia area. Patrick is currently the drummer for the Soda Pop Gypsies, which is a well-known band that performs all over the state of West Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region.

Patrick started his therapeutic drumming career 20 years ago as the Drumming Coordinator for a wilderness therapy program, teaching clients traditional African drumming rhythms and introducing clients to the healing power of rhythm. Patrick began to use drumming to connect with clients who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as clients working through alcohol/substance abuse and trauma issues.

Scooter Goldman, Wood Shop Instructor