Explore & Practice Real Life Skills

Operating since 2010

The Journey WV for Young Men is a supportive, community immersed program for emerging young adult men to explore and practice real life skills.


Our clients often struggle with recurring issues from adolescence, causing difficulties in transitioning effectively to independence. Many of our clients have participated in numerous forms of therapy, but have struggled translating what they have learned to real life. Supported and guided by Certified Life Coaches and mentors, clients are presented with real life situations on a daily basis. This provides opportunities for them to have genuine experiences rather than contrived outcomes.

Our clients begin developing real life work skills by working in one of the businesses run by Q&A Associates, Inc., including the Breakfast Nook, Scarlet Gray, or the farm. The young men live in a beautiful farmhouse on 18 acres, next to a world class trout fishing stream.   The young men can also obtain jobs in the community, which gives them opportunities to explore their interests, make professional relationships, and gain confidence necessary to succeed in the real world.


Our Life Skills Curriculum is the core of the Journey programming, providing specific direction and support to help clients meet their individual goals for independent living.

All of our clients are engaged in some level of academic, vocational or training program. Some of our clients have not been able to complete high school due to extenuating circumstances, so we offer the opportunity to complete a high school diploma with online high school, studying and taking the TASC (G.E.D.) or Home School Curriculum, which requires a combination of online and book/paper work. We provide individual tutoring as needed. We also work with Eastern WV Technical and Community College where our clients can take college level courses in a variety of vocational areas or take entry-level core courses as they prepare to attend a four-year college or university. Some of our clients complete online courses in an Ed-To-Go program, which provides a certificate of completion.  Our clients are permitted to take a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) course through our local assisted living program.  We also work with local professionals to provide apprenticeship opportunities as appropriate.  These areas can include electrician, farrier, construction, cable TV/phone/Internet line work, and mechanic.